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Meet Brooklyn - The High Jumping Poodle!

by Thom McKinney on 04/26/14


                  Meet Brooklyn - The High Jumping Poodle!

     Brooklyn has a goal in life - to dispel the myth that white poodles can't jump!   Of course, this is just a tongue in cheek take off from the famous movie starring Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes, titled "White Men Can't Jump".   But my point is that many pure breed dogs come with stereotypes regarding their behaviors.  Some are based in fact and are true in general terms.  However, each dog is an individual and has a unique personality.  We have Labradors that come stay with us that don't like to swim, which is contrary to their breed.  And we have little terriers that are great swimmers!  We have Rottweilers that are outgoing and friendly and German Shepherds that don't bark at strangers!

         Dogs, like people, come with an inherent temperament and personality.  And to some degree, their early experiences in life can shape and form their nature.  Their core nature does not change but their ability to learn and respond in a positive or calm manner to new situations and stimuli can be greatly enhanced by early, consistent, and positive exposure to new settings and social experiences.  In dog training parlance, this is called "desensitizing". 

      Part of the services we offer at Tucson Adventure Dog Ranch, is our "dog socialization training".  This is a form of exposing dogs with limited socialization experience to a group of well socialized dogs and allow them to experience, over the course of a week, a number of positive social interactions with a wide variety of dogs.

      You can learn more about this service and our other services by visiting our website pages.   And you can see the recent photo album which features Brooklyn, and some of our other wonderful boarding dogs, by clicking here!

Thom McKinney / Tucson Adventure Dog Ranch

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